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The rice gods of Ifugao, Mountain Province in Philippines, is locally known as "Bulul". It is usually carved in woods or stones. They are believed to gain power from ancestral spirits. They are treated with respect. The male wears "wanes or bahag or g-string" a loin cloth and usually holds a pestle, while the female wears "lufid" a wrap-around skirt with earrings an anklets, mostly holds a mortar. They are seated on the ground with arms crossed or on the knees. They are usually dark because they are touched by hands dipped in chicken or pig blood, overlaid by grease from food offerings,  during rituals called "tunod" done during rice planting season for bounty. The Ifugao culture revolves around rice cultivation and harvesting. They made the Banaue Rice Terraces with their bare hands with minimal tools, 2000 years ago. The structure, design and water irrigation is sophisticated with no modern engineering! Hence, the the title: Eighth Wonder of the World. the Ifugaos are not only known for their stone works, earthworks and weaving but also in wood carving. The rice good wall decor is now marketed internationally as part of their amazing artwork.